A smile that can be heard

Smile makes everyone smile

  • Your employees:

    They appreciate its user-friendliness and its efficiency, they are more productive.

  • Your managers:

    They optimize available resources, your company functions better.

  • Your clients:

    They benefit from a warm reception and a more efficient service, they are won over.

With Smile you get a high quality IP telephony solution.

  • Reliability and availability guaranteed

    Smile is based on OptiVox technology, which has proven itself since 2006. Benefit from a redundant cluster which assures you a system availability of more than 99%.

  • A straightforward and modular system

    Smile is easily and efficiently integrated into your work environment.
    Your needs fluctuate? Smile is ready to accompany any evolution your company may undergo.

  • A range of functionalities

    Smile of course provides all the standard functions of an analog telephone.
    In addition you get all the advantages of IP telephony such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) server and Computer-Telephone Integration (CTI).

Smile assures that you have an IP telephony solution adapted to your business.

Each company has its specifics, its own way of running its business. Optilian offers its expertise in order to implement your personalized IP telephony project. We listen to your needs, analyze your business approach, and take into account your existing architecture.

This allows us to be able to offer you the Smile setup that you need: fulfilling your requirements, optimized for your usage, easily integrating into your current setup.

Example installations:

  • Enterprise telephony:

    • 150 phones
    • 30 to 60 simultaneous external calls
    • An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) server to handle incoming calls
  • Call center:

    • 300 phones
    • 60 to 120 simultaneous external calls
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) server
    • Computer-Telephone Integration (CTI)
    • Statistics, call monitoring, call scripting
  • Customizing your solution

    Smile is a modular service, there are no limits.

    • Unlimited telephones
    • Maximum number of external calls according to your needs
    • Computer-Telephone Integration adapted to your business applications
    • Internal development of your custom functionality
    • Connecting national and international sites
  • Keeping a step ahead

    Your Smile solution grows with you: you can easily modify the number of telephones as well as which functionalities are included.


If you are interested in Smile, our IP telephony solution, or if you need more information, please contact us.