Virtual Machines

We provide you with Virtual Machines (VM) which are hosted on our Nutanix infrastructure.

This infrastructure has an optimal reliability thanks to the redundancy of the hardware on two distinct sites.


We have long relied on HP and Dell servers, which have continuously proved their reliability and robustness, and at the same time offer a good value.

However, we can of course install your applications on servers of a different brand if you like.


All of our servers can be monitored by our IT management solution SX2.
They can maintain a continuous connection with our monitoring system and our internal operations team.

If you would like, we can manage their hardware load, their storage space usage, the accessibility of their services and processes, as well as their Oracle-specific load.


The datacenters which house our servers have the following operational reliability equipment:

  • Redundant power supply (minimum of N+1), UPS systems and backup generator
  • Redundant cooling system (minimum of N+1) which controls air flow, temperature, and humidity
  • Above-ground construction and flood protection
  • Fire detection and extinction systems
  • Meet earthquake safety norms


If you are interested in our hosting offer or if you need more information, please contact us.