Ganesh is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution which allows you to manage all aspects of a school and to offer a secure web interface to the students, parents, and administrative personnel.

Serene efficiency

  • Simplicity: no installation, no maintenance to deal with
  • Reliability: professional approved hosting
  • Flexibility: regular scheduled centrally managed updates
  • Performance: adaptable sizing according to your needs
  • Openness: standard protocols (HTTP, JSON, XML, …)

A simple and secured architecture

Always available, without any installation

There is no installation necessary on the client computer and no particular configuration required.

Supported operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5+, Chrome
Usable on tablets and smartphones (if the resolution is sufficiently large)

Security and confidentiality guaranteed

  • Data protection

    • Each establishment has its own database
    • Daily backups
  • Secure access

    • Personal login and password
    • Encrypted data transmission (SSL)
    • Firewall, intrusion attempt detection and blocking
  • Configurability

    • Fine grained access privileges on each page and data type
    • Configurable roles and profiles


  • Graduation classes
  • Courses
  • User profiles
  • Classrooms
  • Digital student records
  • Schedule
  • Teachers’ conferences
  • Online class log
  • Homework and corrections
  • Notes and observations
  • Report cards with optional support for the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS)
  • Absences and tardiness
  • Extraction and printing
  • Accounting: tracking school fees
  • Group emails
  • Holidays
  • Student card and school certificate printing
  • Data imports/exports (personnel, parents, students, …)
  • Internationalization (complete UTF8 support)


If you are interested in Ganesh, our school management software, or if you need more information, please contact us.